Rruga Reshit Petrela, Pallati 10 (siper BKT), Kati 3
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069 561 09 56
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Monday - Friday 9:00-13:00 & 17:00-20:00 , Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00



Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on dental prostheses with the aim of rehabilitating or improving masticatory function, aesthetics and speech.

Our services:

  • Single crowns on highly damaged, broken or endodontically treated teeth
  • Crowns on extremely damaged teeth which need at first a reconstruction with post and core
  • Fixed bridge with the purpose of restoring missing teeth
  • Fixed bridge on implant support
  • Fixed total denture on implant support
  • Partial removable denture
  • Total removable denture

The artificial crowns can be made of different materials, depending on the case and economic status of
the patient:

  • Metal supported porcelain
  • Zirconia supported porcelain
  • Full porcelain, metal free
  • Gold supported porcelain
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