Rruga Reshit Petrela, Pallati 10 (siper BKT), Kati 3
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069 561 09 56
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Monday - Friday 9:00-13:00 & 17:00-20:00 , Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00


Our Services

Dental services offered

In our clinic you will find a set of services dedicated to all ages; by councils for the first baby teeth to the treatment of the most delicate advanced ages and special patients who necessitate a more specific clinic and psychological attention.

Restorative Dentistry

The restorative dentistry consists in the diagnosis and management of the diseases of the teeth and the rehabilitation of the

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims at creating a positive change to your teeth and your smile. Smile enhancement can have dramatic results

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics (root canal treatment) consists in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp along with associated


Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on dental prostheses with the aim of rehabilitating or improving masticatory function, aesthetics


Dental implants are advised to patients who are missing one or more teeth. Depending on the number of teeth to

Oral Surgery

We perform a variety of dental surgery treatments. The complex cases (such as surgery on impacted teeth or apical resection)

Paediatric Dentistry

In our clinic we put a big effort into promoting the dental health of children as well as serving as


Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and dental or scheletrical correction of malpositioned teeth

Prophylaxis and Periodontics

Good oral hygiene helps preventing cavities, tartar build-up, and periodontal disease. Prophylaxis is a professional procedure for the removal of

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening consists either in the restoration of natural tooth shade or the whitening beyond natural tooth shade. In our

Emergency Care

Our clients are very important to us! A toothache or other emergency can be highly fastidious, this is why our

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